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We believe in words.

We believe in their potential and intangible superiority over other ways of transmitting information. Words are the most reliable keeper of collective memory, only asking the decoder to read and listen and, ideally, see the underlying essence.

When concrete crumbles, wood rots, columns collapse under pressure, and cities go underwater, words continue to live. They are not tied to a point on the map and can freely travel in space and time.

Words are one of the greatest intermediaries between imagination and reality. They work as a perfect translator from silent feelings in one’s mind and body into theses that capture the world, change the perception of reality, or question it.

Thinkers and creators exist in our memory not only because of their products but also because of the ability of words to transmit and preserve ideas that remain in history, shape culture, and work better than any other fuel in the engine of humankind. Ultimately, all that will remain after us is fragments of confessions, jokes, and brilliant discourses written on birch bark or in binary code.

What is left for us fools? Only an attempt to extend the life of micro models of the world with the help of a set of alphabetic, numeric, and punctuation symbols, and praying that all that we are so passionate about will not sink into oblivion.

Architecture is another conductor of ideas in the world of atoms. As an art form that includes politics, religion, culture, and economics, without the most important component — thought — it ceases to exist, turning into a unwanted marriage of a supermarket with an object of cultural heritage.

This digital magazine is a collection of words about architecture, an escape from oblivion, a transporter of thought across continents, oceans, time, and space, a manifestation of determination and a desire to open up to the world.

Even in stupid, erroneous, awkward, and naive words, we save our thoughts in binary code here, on digital pages. We are ready to run towards everything exciting, breaking our knees on the asphalt of reality and transmitting the essence of that zero tarot card on the way.

We are The Fools because we are not afraid to speak. We are not afraid to make mistakes, argue, seek the truth, and never find it.
Vera Keiter

On linoleum, barefoot

Personal Essay
Alyona Sotnikova
Alisa Ontensone


What is care? Where and when does one feel most cared about?
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